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Copper Cables

Garantir cabling products are designed to meet and exceed requirements as per cabling standards. Garantir possesses an extensive and complete product range for structured connectivity solutions required for users today. copper and fiber solutions can be customized to fit any Customer need and provides performance, reliability, and investment protection for your company. We offer 20 years of Performance Warranty on Structured cabling sites and deliver service excellence through ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 compliant processes. Garantir Structured cabling systems are designed in accordance with International standards such as ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA, CE, FCC, UL / ETL and RoHS meeting their specifications on Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7 which are widely used in today. Premises’ cabling also known as structured cabling is a standardized cabling system intended to carry voice, data and video signals in a commercial or residential environment. For end-users, the challenge is to choose a structured cabling system that will meet both current and future needs. Garantir offers improved productivity, cost reduction and increase in flexibility with a properly planned and implemented structured cabling solution. Garantir Cabling system using end to end Cat 6/ Cat 6A/ Cat 7 and Fiber (Single mode & Multimode) shall be free from manufacturing defects and accepts to replace within a period of 20 Years.

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